The Dwarf Children Foundation has been founded to help people all over the world and their families who have dwarfism. This foundation will help with their medical needs and financial needs. It is our goal to help them to become successful, and to adapt to their local environments or to help them relocate if needed.

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The Dwarf Children Foundation is a non-profit organization.
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Saja Farhan
Dear Friends,

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Saja Farhan, (Salman Family) on 29 Jan. 2010.

She had been in the ICU at Primary Children's Hospital since 8 Jan. 2010. She slipped away quietly and returned to Heaven. We all will miss her dearly.

Our first project is to help the Salman family of Iraq.

Abdul Salman is a veteran of the Iraq-Iran war. Shrapnel was lodged in the back of his skull and he was paralyzed on the right side of his body. Abdul has since regained partial use of his right side, however one side of his face is still paralyzed and he needs neurological surgery.

Warda Salman keeps this family together as a full time mother with a disabled husband and three children with a form of dwarfism that is degenerative, and three average sized children. Doha, age 11. Tabarak, age 2, and Hussein age. 2 months


Ali Salman is 9 yrs. old. Has the dominate spirit of a leader and the personality of a comedian. He will keep you laughing. His legs were so deformed that he walked with great difficulty. His hip sockets were worn out so he was walking with great pain. He needs neck stabilization surgery, Hip surgery, and more surgery for his legs.

Bara'a Salman is 8yrs. old. she is very loving and loves to be cuddled. She is very happy despite her condition. She needs the same surgeries as her older sister Seja, and her older brother Ali. At this time her hips are in good shape.

The surgeries that this family needs can not be preformed in Iraq. Please help with your donations to get them to the United States and to help them get the medical attention that they need.

Abdul told me through an interpreter that he prayed for angles to come and help his family. Please be one of those angels that he prayed for.

Read more about the Salman family on the website of KTRV-TV Fox 12  CLICK HERE

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